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Furosemide: Drug Description

Furosemide is a water pill prescribed to help treat edema caused by liver or kidney disease, congestive heart failure, or other medical condition. For example, people with heart failure have impaired heart’s pumping function. This may lead to fluid build-up in the lungs and ankles. Furosemide helps remove this excess fluid.

Furosemide is also affective at controlling high blood pressure. Without proper treatment, high blood pressure can damage the blood vessels and cause a stroke, heart failure, or heart attack. You can decrease your risk of these problems if you take Furosemide to keep blood pressure under control.

Furosemide can be used for treating edema (but not for treating high blood pressure) in children.

Off-label uses of Furosemide include the treatment of edema caused by premenstrual syndrome and high calcium levels.

How does it work?

Furosemide contains the active component furosemide. It acts on the kidneys and make them remove more salt and water from the blood by increasing the amount of urine. Because of this effect, generic Furosemide help treat water retention and control hypertension. By lowering blood pressure, the medication decreases the risk of having heart problems due to long-term hypertension.

How is Furosemide supplied?

Furosemide comes in tablet form and is available in two strengths – Furosemide 40 mg and Furosemide 100 mg, containing 40 mg and 100 mg of furosemide correspondingly.

How to take Furosemide?

Furosemide should be taken orally once or twice a day. It may be taken more frequently in some cases. You can split Furosemide tablets in half if needed. Make sure you follow the directions on the label when taking Furosemide.

The usual adult dose of Furosemide for treating edema ranges between 20 mg and 600 mg a day. It may be taken as a single dose or divided and taken in several smaller doses. You may need to take Furosemide on a daily basis or only when you have water retention.

The usual pediatric dose of Furosemide for treating edema is 2mg/kg per day. The maximum daily dose is 6mg/kg.

Whet treating hypertension, the recommended Furosemide dosage is 40 mg taken twice a day. Your dose may need to be adjusted based on your response and overall health. In addition to using Furosemide, hypertension treatment may include changes in your diet, weight control and exercise. Remember that Furosemide is not a cure for hypertension, but it helps manage it.

If you use Furosemide for high blood pressure, do not stop taking it without consulting your doctor. You may feel better, but it does not mean that your blood pressure is normal, because hypertension often has no symptoms.

Remember that you will not increase the effectiveness of Furosemide by increasing your dose.