Dr Tsegaye Degineh received the highest honor from the Federal Republic of Germany. He received the Federal Cross of Merit with ribbon from the hands of the President of Germany, Mr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier for his many services to the common good and his very personal intercultural commitment. All his work for the peoples of Germany, Ethiopia and Africa is always linked to the objective of “development, peace, equity, education, teaching of values ​​through sport in particular with the international values ​​of judo”.

Dr Tsegaye Degineh said: “It is a great honor and pleasure for me to be honored with the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon of the Federal Republic of Germany. I never once thought that I would one day be honored with the highest German honor. In my opinion, volunteering is an indispensable cornerstone of democracy, which greatly strengthens social unity and is synonymous with social peace. All over the world, countless people are committed to the common good, our planet and peace.

IFJ President Marius Vizer said: “I would like to congratulate you on having received the Federal Cross of Merit ribbon from the Federal Republic of Germany for your commitment and valuable contribution to the good cause and to peace initiatives.

This award is a recognition of your activity and your efforts in the service of judo and sport in general, and it is also a reflection of your commitment to develop and promote judo and its values ​​in Germany, Ethiopia and the rest of the world. world.

The International Judo Federation is proud of your accomplishments. I wish you all the best, good health and continued success.

The Federal Cross of Merit is awarded for special achievements in the political, economic, cultural, intellectual or honorary fields. Besides Dr Tsegaye, very few Ethiopians such as Emperor Haile Selassie and Prince Asfa-Wossen have received the Federal Cross of Merit.

Dr Degineh is passionate about volunteer work i.e. doing something for other people for free since his studies in Germany and is still very committed to many people on a volunteer basis.

The Doctor of Economics has many years of experience in various positions of multi-project project manager, project management and enterprise architecture management. He is currently, among others, Head of Diversity and Head of HR Communications at Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz Sales Germany and was presented last year as the “face of sustainability” of the group. Dr. Degineh has extensive expertise in the following areas: international project experience, intercultural skills, information technology, human resources and sustainability.

Dr Tsegaye Degineh, who, as a sportsman passionate about Budo (Judo and Ju-Jitsu), is convinced of the framework of values ​​and international values ​​of Judo. He has made a point of bringing his conviction and expertise to development. Thus, he was strongly involved internationally within the Ethics Committee and on the theme “Sustainability / Sport 4 Climate”.

Holder of the 5th Dan black belt, he is also very committed in Germany, brought modern Ju-Jutsu to Ethiopia in 2007 and has been working with Mr. Johannes Daxbacher since 2009 to create a national Judo and Ju-Jitsu association in Ethiopia.

Among the achievements of Dr Tsegaye Degineh are:

– Development of a close and very confident cooperation with the International Judo Federation (IJF) and the African Judo Union (AJU).

– Historic participation of Ethiopian athletes in the 2011 World Judo Championships in Paris as well as in numerous international tournaments and seminars for Ethiopian athletes.

– Conduct and organize numerous seminars in various Ethiopian regions with sports activities for several thousand Ethiopian children, youth and adults.

– Commitment for the implementation of “values ​​of Judo” such as discipline, respect, responsibility of Ethiopian society.

– Personal support to Ethiopian athletes and organization of numerous donations of equipment for Ethiopia (in cooperation with the German Foreign Ministry, the German Olympic Sports Federation, the German Judo Federation and the German Embassy in Addis -Abeba).

– Coordination of the deployment of many trainers in Ethiopia and other African countries.

Since 2000, Tsegaye Degineh, who was born in Addis Ababa, has supported various humanitarian initiatives in Ethiopia such as financial aid for school fees for needy children and orphans.

He is very committed to German-Ethiopian and German-African knowledge transfer in various fields, especially for value transfer, German development experiences as well as in project management. Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, he has regularly informed the Ethiopian government but also the Ethiopian people living in the diaspora of the German strategy to fight against the Corona and transmits transparent and extremely useful measures to his compatriots.

For the initiative of a city partnership between Addis Ababa and Berlin, he was entrusted with the successful establishment of contacts between the offices of the two mayors.

For some time now, he has personally advised the Ethiopian Minister of State for Culture and Sports, in particular with a view to developing a workable sports and education roadmap for the country of some 110 million people.

Currently, Dr Degineh is requested by the Ethiopian Ambassador to Berlin, as an advisor to strengthen his working group on many issues and also has close contact with the office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia and has written several publications titled : “Transfer of practical knowledge from Germany” to the Ethiopian Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dr. Abiy Ahmed. He accompanied the Prime Minister and his high-level delegation during the “G7 Summit Compact for Africa 2019” in Germany.

Dr Degineh continues to be a member and official of various voluntary associations and is intensely involved in numerous economic and socio-political events on the themes of “Integration and Africa”.

He has written numerous technical articles and is in high demand by German and African media as an interview partner on the topics “Economy and Politics, Project Management, Integration and Migration, Experiences from Germany and Europe, Ethiopia , sports and society, impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy and society “.

His book “Project Management for Millennium” published in Amharic (official Ethiopian language), is a standard work in ministries and institutions in Ethiopia and has been recommended by the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Educational Association adults as suitable for adult education through the IIZ. / DVV. In addition, he has published another book in Amharic “Philosophy and Basic Techniques of Martial Arts” which is the first time in Amharic and unique in Africa.

Dr Tsegaye Degineh is a bridge builder. The award shows that Germany honors and supports all kinds of efforts for “peace and development”. Congratulations.

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