By Owei Lakemfa

Nigeria: Senator Ali Ndume, chairman of the Senate army commission, who was an opposition darling when he was in the House of Representatives, has been embroiled in controversy. But perhaps because he was once accused by the federal government of sponsoring Boko Haram terrorists, he was like a missionary fighting for the military, doing too much as the military challenged his claims. about the victims and how his victims are buried.

Ndume claims such knowledge of the military, security and the terrorist insurgency that four years ago he announced that the war was all but over. Despite his hyperactive inclinations and sycophantic prayers that department heads who have been in their post for half a decade should continue in office despite the results of the battlefield, his campaigns for the military cannot be denied.

His current campaign is that Boko Haram cannot be defeated unless the two challenges facing the military which he says are “lack of resources and inadequate personnel” are addressed. He said of the war against Boko Haram: “In an operation like this, we only have 30,000 troops on the ground, which is largely insufficient.

However, those of us who can believe it are confused because the military insists on programs like Operation Positive Identification, OPI, in which it wants all Nigerians to identify themselves when arrested by soldiers on the road. How can an army that is said to lack funds and personnel for its basic tasks want to perform essential police tasks?

The police have similar histories to the military, but rather than performing their basic functions, they do the job of vehicle inspection officers, VIOs, and the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, in checking vehicle details expiration dates.

This is how we drive in the Federal Republic and those who do not accept that a carpenter is qualified to be a surgeon will learn bitter lessons from it. This appears to be what Borno State Governor Babagana Zulum is learning.

An academic who should be in class to theorize, steps down into the arena of partisan politics by talking about the need for leaders to be honest and accountable.

He found out on January 6 that he was pushing his campaign for the truth too far when he drove to the Maiduguri-Damaturu highway where thousands of travelers were stranded for hours because soldiers guarding the Autobahn locked it down, allegedly collecting N1000 bribes from travelers who do not have national identity cards.

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He brought the fight to the soldiers by speaking at the top of his lungs: “How can you subject people to this kind of torture all in the name of the national identity card?” And you are all here collecting N500 and N1000 from poor travelers who do not have national identity cards.

A man of action, Zulum, called the commander of the theater of the war against Boko Haram, General Olusegun Adeniyi on the phone: and your people are here to collect money from the people because they have not national identity card. Why?”

When General Adeniyi arrived at the scene and denied that the traffic jam was caused by extortion of soldiers, Zulum retorted: The state is behind you and your men, but you must call your soldiers to order, you have to control their excesses.

The Nigerian military reacted angrily in a statement by Aminu Iliyasu, the media coordinator of the military’s operations. He said the Nigerian military is a professional and disciplined institution that takes these allegations seriously and that they will be fully investigated and those found guilty will be punished. Then he attacked Zulum: “However, it is important to observe unequivocally that the public outburst, especially from prominent figures such as a state executive, could be counterproductive. and even capable of reversing the gains recorded so far in the ongoing struggle against insurgents and other criminal elements across the country.

While continuing the promised investigations, Boko Haram returned in force to the highway, killing and kidnapping.

From these incidents, I have a hypothesis that I call “Zulum Theory” which states: Better to have corrupt soldiers on the highway than Boko Haram killing life. In mathematical terms, it will be known as “Zulum’s equation:>: <.>

Speaking of mathematics, given the experience of the Supreme Court in which, in their judgment of Imo State, their lordships granted more votes than the total number of registered voters, I will suggest that arithmetic be introduced as a compulsory subject in all law programs, and their lordships take annual refresher courses in arithmetic.

Following the Supreme Court’s allocation of the seat of governor of Imo State to the All Progressives Congress, APC, events move rapidly as state lawmakers abandon the People’s Democratic Party to the new ruling party.

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A friend, Paul Nwabuikwu, commenting on this scenario wrote: “Our politicians are generally unprincipled, but Imo lawmakers are below sea level. I don’t think IMO lawmakers are ‘au- below sea level ”, they actually swim with the tides. If tomorrow the Supreme Court overturns, they will come back to the PDP.

It is surprising that the House of Representatives has joined the strident calls for the replacement of department heads in the face of the reality that they are unable to meet the security challenges of the country, in particular the Boko Haram insurgency.

Les Honorables seem to know only the mundane English that says: “You do not change a winning team” and not the Nigerian version which says: “You do not change a winning team, nor a losing team.

Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, the Senate Minority Leader made me laugh when he asked President Muhammadu Buhari to resign due to the serious security situation in the country. He should know that we are not stepping down from privileged positions in Nigeria; like the drugs on the shelf, we breathe out.

The presidency’s response to Abaribe’s call gives the impression that his media team is drugged on dangerous substances. First, he was unnecessarily insulted.

He was then told that he should be in prison for vouching for “suspected traitors and treason” who had escaped. Finally on the Boko Haram war, the presidency declared that President Buhari had everything to put an end to these terrorists, adding the most ridiculous declaration of the century: “Only he can do it”.

Given that virtually all governance cues are negative, the Buhari administration is for brutal tackles. Today, the Federal Republic of Nigeria operates on 10 percent truth, 20 percent half-truth and 70 percent lie.


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