Summer is coming to an end and we’re all thinking about back-to-school shopping and the regular routine of the school year. Here in New York State, Governor Hochul announced that there will be no restrictions or regulations for schools regarding COVID-19. No masks, no quarantine and no tests! But will the good news stop there this fall?

One of the platforms President Joe Biden ran on during his campaign was to eliminate the student debt burden for Americans. Some are buried under thousands of dollars in loans after graduation, and President Biden has made it clear he wants to help. But how far will he go? So far, with the help of a global pandemic, students who have federal loans have had their loan repayments pushed back. As the end of August approaches, President Biden is rumored to extend this and, possibly, forgive debt up to $10,000 for some depending on their annual income.

Inflation has forced prices up for just about everything. From gasoline for our cars to the food we eat, prices have gotten quite high for everything we need. Any relief is welcome and could come for those with outstanding student loans.

After graduating from college in 1999, I started repaying my loans. After some strategic planning and some sacrifice, 15 years later I was student loan free. It’s an amazing feeling and once you take that financial weight off your shoulders, you really feel like it was worth it. But, at the time, I had the advantage of not having a dependent family and a job in the field that I love. Not everyone has this advantage and I can fully understand the need for some kind of debt relief.

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